Where to go first in Santiago

San Francisco Apart Hotel
Hotel San Francisco, in the 400 block of San Francisco, right off the Alameda, has decent parking and is easy to find. It is not the cheapest place in town, but you can go there, spend the night, and get your bearings and move the following day. It has a kitchenette and small refrigerator in the rooms, so you can cook, if you are going to be in Santiago a while.

San Francisco Apart Hotel. San Francisco 415. Centro Santiago. Teléfono: 562-6393272 Fax: 562-6393272

The Alameda is the big street that runs through Santiago, everyone calls it the Alameda, but parts of it are named Providencia, O'Higgins and Apoquimbo. San Francisco is in the O'Higgins part, runs off to one side only. If you see San Antonio Street, San Francisco is directly across the Alameda.

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