Shipping costs to and from the Cono Sur

It should cost about $1000-1500 each way

I paid a little less than $1000 to ship my Quota from Buenos Aires to Miami. It is about the size and weight of a BMW GS. It was strapped to a pallet and wrapped with shrinkwrap, then measured to figure out the charges. This was in April 2005.

I paid a little less than $1400 to ship my MZ Baghira from Miami to Santiago in December 2005. This was done in an open crate, after I removed the handlebars. The good thing about an open crate is that Customs can verify the VIN without taking the crate apart.

I did the Buenos Aires- Miami arrangements myself with the airline and Argentine customs, and it took three days. A freight forwarder, BDP International, (2775 NW 82nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33122 United States Phone: 305 592 8872Fax: 305 592 1929) did them from Miami to Santiago, and it took about 10 days to get the bike, due to 9/11 and other US Customs regulations and the fact that I was shipping right before Christmas when all the planes are full.

To ship out of the US, the bike has to be on a Cargo only flight, and they aren't as common as passenger flights, and the bike has to sit for three days after Customs has accepted the paperwork, so they can come and inspect it.

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