Idiots on Bulletin Boards

"I've never ridden the (insert model here) so I might be talking rubbish," is a quote taken off a bulletin board where some yoyo was attempting to offer advice to a neophyte interested in a particular model. This genius than went on and on explaining the advantages of the bike he rode over the model he never rode, couldn't afford, and knew nothing about.

One thing I hate about the world of motorcycles is the experts who have read all the brochures and navigated internet sites, and see others as someone they need to impress with the knowledge they have gleaned from these sites and free handouts. They do not know what they are talking about and should be taken to the edge of the village and beaten with sticks.

Mechanics and Spare Parts in South America

The best place to get you motorcycle worked on in Spanish speaking South America is Santiago, Chile. Most of the major manufacturers have distributors there, and the mechanics are excellent. A great contact for all your motorcyle related questions is Mario Molina, his email is

One of the best independent mechanics in Santiago is Jonny, at Jonny Motos. He works on and can fix just about anything. His numbers are Shop- 2229926 and Cellular- 093301408.

If you get your wheel bearings replaced in Santiago, you can get Japanese bearings, and not the Chinese crap you seem to find everywhere else these days.

For tires and oil changes, most of the major cities will be able to help you. My experience is that you should stay away from the shops that cater to "motorcycle travelers", because you will pay on an average 25-30 percent more than you would at a normal shop catering to the local population.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a great resource for tire and oil changes is Motocare, Av. Libertador 6588, Capital Federal. Their phone is (0110 4782-1500 or 4787-1573. Email is they can put tires on and change your oil while you wait, and judging from the quantity and quality of used motorcycles they have for sale, are pretty well regarded by Argentines. They are very easy to find.

I have heard Brazil has some great mechanics and shops, but was thrown out of the country and haven't tried to sneak back, so I can't say.

If you need help in South America

If you find you need help with a motorcycle or travel related problem, the best resource a motorcyclist has is Rutas y Motos.

Their website is or

Occasionally it doesn't work. Keep trying, and eventually it will.