Asking lots and lots of stupid questions

After a while, lots of people who are thinking of eventually planning long rides and bugging the heck out of various shipping departments and veteran travelers stop having their emails replied to and their questions answered.

I think this falls under the "go bother someone else for awhile" category of response. A lot of the people who work in these companies like to ship bikes and talk to the riders, sort of living vicariously through us. We're exciting and different and have interesting stories that take them away from the daily humdrum of million dollar shipments of fruit or cd players. But when you start taking up too much of their time for your one time shipment, and taking them away from the million dollar clients that keep them in business, they begin to feel annoyed. Believe it or not, these companies are doing you a big favor shipping your bike, and you are an insignificant and time consuming client who doesn't contribute a heck of a lot to their bottom line. And that's when you just do as they say and don't ask a lot of annoying questions to make sure you are getting the absolute most you can for the least amount of money possible. Now you have annoyed them. Let's just hope they don't lose your bike.

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