How to clear a bike through Customs in Santiago, Chile

Santiago is surprisingly easy to clear a bike in

First you have to go to the shipper or forwarder, unless they agree to meet you at the airport, who is usually in Santiago proper, and get all the paperwork you will need. They may want some money for the consolidation. You have to pay it. Then you go out to the airport. There are blue busses that go out there. You want to go to the cargo part first. You go to the Aduana , who is in an office in front of the cargo bodegas, and get your paperwork stamped. Then you may have to go to immigration to have your passport stamped that you entered with a vehicle. Then you go to the Bodega and pay the bodega fee, about $30, and then you get your bike. they will let you reassemble it there, and are in general very nice about doing things. The key to having an easy time doing things in Chile is to keep in mind that it is just like doing things in any other modern country. There are no bribes, no extra fees that you can try not to pay, etc. There is a procedure, and as long as you follow it, you will quickly get your bike. It takes about 3 hours from start to finish.

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