Suzuki single cylinder overlander

A great bike to consider if you are going to do a lot of dirt during your travels is the the DRZ400S, also rebadged and sold as a Kawasaki KX400. Better components, similar hp, and lots of aftermarket support. It will move down the road nicely at 90 mph. The motor is bulletproof (not that I've actually tried to shoot at one) and they leave and never return to the dealerships. See if someone can hook you up with the $49 yosh slipon.

Lots of power, great fuel economy, excellent parts availability and manufacturer support, high quality components, good aftermarket support, I would not hesitate to consider a well sorted DRZ400 for a long ride. I saw one for sale once that was used in a Malcolm Smith guided Baja ride that looked almost perfect for a RTW. Big tank and Russell Daylong saddle.

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