If I had to choose between the BMW and the KTM, I would pick the BMW. I have put over 300K miles on BMWs, and they have been decent bikes.

KTMs blow up

As much as it pains me to supply fodder to the Beemer Weinies who take their GS Adventurers loaded with every touratech accessory possible no further than the nearest Starbucks, where they prattle on about the RTW they will never take, KTMs don't even come close in terms of reliability. You will be stuck, it will be catastrophic, and it will be expensive. And the guy in the hut will try to repair it with a welder.

Read some of the things that have happened to people on the singles in long trips, or even trying to use the things as daily drivers. The motors come apart. They are worse than KLRs. And that is saying something. So go with the lightest one, because you will be pushing it in and out of pickups a lot.

The problem with the KTMs is that they don´t use enough oil in the crankcase. Now that they are in use and fairly common, a large number of riders are reporting catastrophic engine failures that occur in the 12-18000 mile range. Oil wears out, and 2 liters is not enough for a high performance large displacement single.

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